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Experience the joy of connection, discover new hobbies: Community Participation

Who wouldn’t want to experience the joy of connecting with others, participating in social events, and promoting personal growth and independence? Engaging in hobbies and interests with fellow human beings are  very important aspects of leading a fulfilling and meaningful life. However, individuals living with disabilities may face barriers to social gatherings, which is where NDIS community participation comes in.

Melbourne Eternity provides the social and community participation NDIS that allows individuals living with disabilities to build social connections, develop new skills, and feel a sense of belonging within their community. Our community participation carers are compassionate and empathetic and ensure your social gatherings’ success and that you make new friends, which can reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness.

What is included in community participation?

The NDIS social and community participation category includes a range of services and activities aimed at promoting social and community engagement for individuals with disabilities. Some examples of what can be included in NDIS community participation services are

  • Group activities: These may include sports, arts and crafts, cultural events, educational activities, and more. 
  • Social outings: This can include going to movies, restaurants, parks, and other social activities with friends, family, or support workers.
  • Skill-building activities: Improving social skills, communication skills, problem-solving skills, and other skills are part of community participation.
  • Volunteer work: This can include opportunities to volunteer at community organisations or events. 
  • Employment support: This can include job coaching, skills training, and assistance with job searches.

Community access: This includes support for individuals to access community services and resources such as libraries, community centres, and other facilities.

What are the advantages of community participation?

There are several benefits one can expect from participating in community events. However, we are listing a few of them that everyone should be aware of. 

  • Increased social interaction and connection: Assistance with social and community participation allows participants to build relationships and establish connections within their community. 
  • Improved physical and mental health: Community participation, which encourages engaging in physical activities such as sports and exercise, can improve overall physical health, while social and cultural activities can help improve mental health.
  • Enhanced independence: Social gatherings provide opportunities for individuals with disabilities to learn new skills, build confidence, and increase their independence.

Improved quality of life: Assistance with social and community participation lets participants have access to a wide range of activities and services, greatly improving the overall quality of life of individuals with disabilities.

Why should you choose us over

If you always wish to work with the best NDIS service providers, including for community participation, then allow us to let you know the factors that make us stand out from the crowd.

Person-centred approach

We take into account all of your needs and preferences and tailor social events accordingly.

Wide range of activities: 

NDIS social and community participation allows you to access a variety of activities, including sports, arts and crafts, cultural events, educational activities, and more, that you may enjoy.

Skilled staff: 

All our community participation providers are skilled and experienced ones who can offer you the best support possible, helping them to achieve their goals and maximise their potential.


The safety and well-being of participants during the activities and events we organise are our top priorities. To ensure safety, clear instructions, safety measures, and protocols will be taken into account. 

Signs that show you need NDIS community participation

  • You have limited social interaction.
  • You feel isolated, lonely, or disconnected from others.
  • You have a lack of interest in activities.
  • You have difficulty participating in community events.
  • You are looking for support to develop social skills or confidence.
  • You are interested in participating in community events, programs and are looking for assistance.

If you find yourself in the situation you mentioned in the aforementioned ones, then you would be the right one to choose community participation.

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If you are an NDIS participant and are interested in participating in events or programs but your mobility issue is stopping you from doing so, just contact us. We are here to help you. Feel free to contact us for more information.


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